Aviation Aluminum Self Defense
Sleek Rounded Black Brass Knuckle
Rechargeable Flash Light Stun Gun
Ultra Compact Stungun
Spy Stun Gun
Self Defense Cell Phone
Spy Self Defence Stun Gun
Taiwan Police Stungun
Expandable Type Stungun
Lipstick Stungun
Stun Guns Travel Chic

Stun Gun is a device used to immobilize an attacker by administering an electric shock without causing him serious injury. It is an ideal device for women’s and senior citizens safety. These days’ crimes against girls and elderly people are at peak, to fight back with the crimes we have designed a self defense tool. The wide range of Stun Gun in Delhi India is available at online as well as online spy stores.

The device is user friendly, just press a single button and it will release electric shock in the attacker’s body which will lead to unconscious state for 20-30 minutes, enough time for you to escape and call police. The different types of stun guns are ultra compact stun gun, spy stun gun; self defense cell phone, Taiwan Police Stun gun, Expandable Type Stun gun, Stun Guns Travel Chic, Lipstick Stun gun.

The ultra compact stun gun is small and compact enough to be kept in purse, bag for regular use. Spy stun gun releases 2000KV and also has inbuilt flashlight, which comes handy while travelling in night. Self defense cell phone resembles like a mobile phone therefore no one can suspect it a safety device.

Taiwan police stun gun has shock proof exterior and military grade aluminum alloy protects from damage. The device is designed to meet the demands of police, military & security professionals worldwide. Non-slip grip: Etched diamond texture in the handle ensures a firm grip.

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